The UDI deadline for Class I devices passes in

FDA UDI and GUDID Compliance Solutions

Under the FDA Unique Device Identifier (UDI) rule, most medical device labels and packages must bear a UDI.  The device labeler must apply the UDI and submit device information, including a device identifier (DI), product codes, and other characteristics to the Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID).

The UDI deadlines for most devices have passed.

What is a UDI?

A UDI is a human-readable and machine-readable code used to identify a specific medical device from a specific device labeler.  Numbers in parentheses delimit meaningful aspects of the numeric or alphanumeric code.

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Two main components define a UDI:

Device Identifier (DI)

DI defines the labeler as well as the device version or model.  The DI is used as a primary key to reference this information in GUDID.

Production identifier (PI)

PI defines characteristics such as:

Manufacturing / Production Date
Expiration Date
Batch / Lot Number
Serial Number

Steps to UDI Compliance

1. Obtain a DUNS number
A device labeler complying with UDI requirements is required to have a DUNS number, which is used to identify the labeler in GUDID.
2. Appoint A Regulatory Contact
FDA requires device labelers to designate a point of contact for device information. This Regulatory Contact ensures that required UDI information is submitted to FDA via GUDID.
3. Gather Your UDIs
UDIs have a device identifier (DI) and a production identifier (PI). The DI must be issued by an FDA accredited agency. The PI is determined by production information, such as the lot or batch number. A separate UDI is needed for every version or model of each device.
4. Identify GMDN codes
Device labelers are required to identify a Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) code for each device submitted to the GUDID. A GMDN code represents an international standard for describing a specific device.
5. Submit Device Information to GUDID
UDIs and all required device information must be submitted through to FDA through GUDID.

How Many UDIs Are Necessary?

A single device type needs a separate UDI for each different device characteristic, including:

Size • Color • Material • Style • Packaging

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